Devdatasets is a data management and data loss prevention solution that enables organizations to create non-production databases for testing, development, and business intelligence purposes.

What we're building and why

Organizations are often faced with the challenge of populating non-production environments—such as development, staging, and demo—with meaningful application data. Traditional approaches, like generating synthetic data through custom scripts, fall short in delivering the realism and complexity of production data, leaving teams yearning for a more authentic testing ground.

Why Opt for Production-Scale Data?

  • Realism and Complexity: Authentic production data encapsulates intricate patterns, relationships, and edge cases—elements often unattainable with synthetic data. This depth is crucial for testing under conditions that mirror real-world scenarios.
  • Testing Accuracy: Leveraging production-scale data enhances test fidelity, uncovering performance bottlenecks, bugs, and usability issues that synthetic data might overlook.
  • Performance and Scalability: Real-world data is indispensable for assessing application behavior under load, offering insights into resource management and scalability.
  • Confidence and Reliability: A non-production environment that closely mimics production boosts confidence in software reliability, ensuring smoother transitions from development to production.

Despite these benefits, directly utilizing production data in non-production environments poses significant risks, including data breaches and compliance violations. The balance between accessibility and security becomes increasingly precarious as cyber threats evolve, often exploiting human vulnerabilities through social engineering.

Introducing Devdatasets: An automated solution

This is why, I have set out to create an alternative. devdatasets automates the creation of development databases, transforming production data into anonymized, secure datasets tailored for various use cases—from local development to business intelligence.

Our product stands at the intersection of data loss prevention and empowering teams to innovate without compromising data integrity or security by enabling:

  • Automated Data Anonymization: Generate development databases populated with anonymized production data, ensuring privacy and compliance.
  • Enhanced Testing Rigor: Access to production-mirrored databases facilitates comprehensive and effective testing, bolstering software quality and user experience.
  • Data Security Assurance: With Devdatasets, safeguard your organization against data leaks and cyber threats, prioritizing your customers' privacy and trust.

Embrace the Future of Secure Software Development

A future where data accessibility and security coexist, enabling your team to deliver exceptional products with confidence. We’re all about making your life easier, your testing smarter, and your data safer. Let's team up and make something great.

Interested in protecting your production data?

Protect your customers' data from leaking into non production environments.
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